About Me

Hey my name is Mianka. Im currently studying health and social care level 3 at college, Im hoping to become a social worker. I have a lovely boyfriend who i have been with for 2 and a half years he is so kind and caring. Im obsessed with shopping and makeup and anything beauty wise. I spend a fortune shopping and on my makeup, the makeup i like the most is by benefit or clinique as it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. When i leave college in 1 year me and the boyfriend are gonna be buying a house together and i cant wait im sooo excited lol. I met my boyfriend when i was on a night out with my friends and he was with his we then lost contact for a year and he contacted me. We have been together happily for 2years and i wouldnt change it for the world.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Weekend with the boyfriend!!

As most of you know my boyfriend has moved to birmingham for work so dont see each other that often. Last thursday I went to birmingham to see him and stayed til sunday, it was perfect we went for a walk round canal side on the friday in the sun and stopped at a little bar and had a couple of drinks and some nachos. It was really romantic walking hand in hand on the canal, after we got back into town he took me shopping for new clothes and underwear. We headed back to the house where hes staying at about 5 and got showered and changed and went for a couple of drinks in the village and had a chinese it was the best night ever. Saturday morning we went into town again and went shopping yet again and a couple of drinks because it was really sunny then headed back to the house to get changed and went to watch horse racing where our horse came 1st, we then went back to the house to celebrate our win with a romantic meal and a bottle of wine. Sunday came and it was time for me to go home I didnt want to leave him and ended up laid in his arms crying my eyes out, I hate having to live so far away from him and cant wait to move in together.